Traditional Indian Food

Traditional Indian Food

From all parts of India are increasing in popularity in general, however, North Indian food and South Indian food are particularly popular in western Countries such as the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Taj Indian Restaurant is known for its Authentic Traditional flavours. Although manipulated versions of Traditional Indian food have been observed in the recent years in terms of how it is presented and the method of it’s serving and creation, the tastes, aromas, textures, and colours have been preserved for generations to keep it authentic and honour its cultural origins.

Traditional Indian Food has always been the preferred cuisine of choice for those who crave a lavish dining experience that is filling yet satisfies the taste palette. For those who have a preference for spicy food, South Indian food is ideal due to the abundant incorporation of various spices and herbs in their curries accompanied with fragrant rice and pickles. For those that desire a heavy meal and are not allured towards spice, North Indian food is the preferred choice due to the incorporation of decadent buttery tastes and creamy textures that go well with flatbreads of the North Indian variety.

Most Traditional Indian Food joints serve both North and South Indian varieties, however, if specific varieties in one of these areas are required there are restaurants which only serve food from these specific regions of India in both fine dining and fast food sectors.

Traditional Indian Food is always catered keeping in mind the requirements of each food’s storage conditions and at what temperature it should be served at to preserve its flavours and aromas for the entire duration of the event. Furthermore, the dishes are carefully selected to the compliment each other’s tastes and to ensure they do not clash in terms of having two dishes that are too similar in taste or too spicy and having too many dry or wet dishes in one selection. This is absolutely crucial to ensure guests enjoy the food and come back for second or third serves.

It is because of its extravagance and booming popularity that Traditional Indian Food has transcended centuries of the dining experience globally and continues to be incorporated in many western fine dining and fast food joints today.