South Indian Food Catering in Sydney

South Indian Food Catering in Sydney has contributed to the intricacy of Sydney’s thriving multicultural society for decades. Sydney has a come a long way from just serving Idli and Dosa as South Indian staple foods, to the multi-faceted varieties offered today that can be easily customised suited to customer requirements.

South Indian Food Catering in Sydney differs from it’s North Indian catering as it emphasises the used rice more in their dishes compared to the bread which is more popular in North India and the staple ‘go to’ hot beverage is not chai, but filter coffee.

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In Contrast, South Indian Food Catering in Sydney places greater emphasis on the use of yoghurt as a sided condiment to level out the spice level in their curries and add a sour twang to the taste palette making dishes more enjoyable and diverse in tastes.

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The most famous South Indian Food Catering in Sydney consists of the popular ‘Dosa’, a paper-thin rice sheet made from shallow frying rice batter on a hot stove, and usually envelopes a filling of some sort- the most popular filling being spiced potatoes and ‘Sambhar’ and ‘Rasam’, the most popular curries in South India and has a thin water-like consistency. This combination is known as Masala Dosa.

South Indian Food Catering in Sydney serves delicacies from the popular southern states of India which includes Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc which regional variations within their own states. For instance, popular Andhra meals are popular for using chilli and Tamarind abundantly in their cooking, with most of their dishes being made from lentils.

South Indian Food Catering in Sydney serve hundreds of dishes beyond dosas, Idlis, rice, and other forms of carbs with several different curries and vegetable mixes depending on the type of occasion (wedding, or religious ceremony). A wider variety of curries are served during weddings, whereas a smaller range of major staple foods is served during religious events e.g. Lemon rice.

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