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Filter products Showing 177 - 181 of 181 results

Showing 177–181 of 181 results

  • Biryani with korma yogurt, which is a popular hyderabadi dish that is made of the long grained rice with assorted vegetables, flavored with whole garam masala and garnished with the dry fruits. It is one of the most healthy kind biryani, which consists low amount of ghee and substituted with other healthy constituents.

  • Fried rice is popular Indo chinese cuisine consisting of cooked rice that are ¬†stir-fried in a frying pan or a wok and is normally mixed with other ingredients such as vegetables. It is commonly eaten by itself or as an complementary to another dish. Most popular Veg Fried Rice in Harris Park are from Indo-Chinese cuisine. We at Indian restaurant in Australia serve very simple yet tempting veg fried rice that is the chinese meal.

  • Vegetable Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese food which is made of different vegetable steamed formed into flour dumplings that are deep fried and cooked in a spicy sauce. Veg Manchurian in Harris Park, Australia served at Taj Indian sweets and Restaurant in Australia uses very simple yet flavourful ingredients that involve a bit of chopping and preparation but the final dish is well worth the effort when we serve it.

  • Raita is the common name of a condiment from the South Asia, made with dahi (yogurt, often referred to as curd) together with raw or cooked vegetables, more seldom fruit, or in the case of boondi raita, with fried droplets of batter made from besan (chickpea flour, generally labeled as gram flour, Yogurt raita in Harris park will taste best when we serve it at our Taj Indian sweets and restaurant in Australia.

Showing 177–181 of 181 results

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About Taj Indian Restaurant

Taj does not believe in having the name only (Taj means the crown) but the name symbolizes the way we do our business. We have been following the vast and ancient vegetarian traditions of India.