Take Away Thali Meal


Our Take Away Thali Meal is a delightful assortment of Indian dishes, curated for those who love authentic flavors but are on the move. Packed with care, it’s your perfect meal companion for any day.

At Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant, we understand the essence of a busy life and the need for a quick, yet flavorful meal. Our Take Away Thali Meal is designed for those who crave the authentic taste of Indian cuisine but are short on time.

This thali is a harmonious blend of various dishes that represent the diverse culinary traditions of India. Each dish is prepared using fresh ingredients, traditional spices, and age-old recipes, ensuring you get an authentic dining experience. The thali includes a combination of a main dish, a side dish, a lentil preparation, rice, Indian bread, a salad, and a dessert. Every bite promises a burst of flavors and a journey through the vibrant streets of India.

Whether you’re heading to work, on a road trip, or simply want a hassle-free meal at home, our Take Away Thali Meal is the ideal choice. Conveniently packed, it ensures that you don’t miss out on a wholesome and delicious meal, no matter where you are.

Order now from our Harris Park, NSW location and dive into a world of flavors with Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant’s Take Away Thali Meal.