Plain Barfi


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Our Plain Barfi is a tribute to simplicity, offering a creamy and melt-in-the-mouth treat. A classic sweet that’s both pure and delightful.

Plain Barfi is a sweet that embodies the essence of traditional Indian desserts. At Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant, we bring you this classic preparation, ensuring a balance of texture and taste in every piece.

Made with a blend of condensed milk, sugar, and ghee, our Plain Barfi is set to achieve its signature soft and fudgy texture. The result is a sweet that’s both creamy and luscious, making it a favorite among dessert enthusiasts. Each piece promises a harmonious blend of sweetness and creaminess, making it a treat for the senses.

Every serving of our Plain Barfi offers a journey through the heart of India, where this dish has been cherished for generations. Whether you’re enjoying it as a dessert or sharing it with loved ones, it offers a taste that’s both comforting and heartwarming.

Order your serving of Plain Barfi now from our Harris Park, NSW location and dive into the authentic flavors of Indian sweets with Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant.

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