Pani Puri Platter (Tiranga Pani)


Our Pani Puri Platter with Tiranga Pani offers crispy puris paired with three distinct flavored waters. A chaat sensation that promises a tri-flavored explosion in every bite.

Pani Puri, a beloved street food delicacy, gets a vibrant twist in our Pani Puri Platter with Tiranga Pani. At Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant, we’ve crafted this dish to offer a unique and flavorful dining experience that captures the essence of traditional chaat with a colorful twist.

The platter features crispy puris, ready to be filled with your choice of flavored water. The Tiranga Pani, translating to “Tricolor Water”, consists of three distinct flavors – spicy green, tangy tamarind, and a refreshing mint. Each flavor promises a different taste sensation, allowing you to mix and match for a customized chaat experience.

Every bite of our Pani Puri with Tiranga Pani offers a harmonious blend of crispy puris and flavorful waters, making it a treat for both the palate and the soul. Whether you’re enjoying it with friends or indulging solo, it promises a culinary journey that’s both exciting and memorable.

Order your Pani Puri Platter with Tiranga Pani now from our Harris Park, NSW location and embark on a flavorful adventure with Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant.