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Missi Roti and Dal

Missi Roti and Dal


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Missi Roti and dal in Harris Park, Sydney, Australia

Missi roti is the flat bread made with besan/chickpea flour and whole wheat flour or using only chickpea flour. Missi Roti and dal in Harris Park, is spiced with spices such as Ajwain (carom seeds), Shahi Jeera (caraway seeds) garam masala, red chili powder, anardana seed( dried pomegranate seeds) and coriander leaves.

Missi Roti, is one of the most popular North Indian bread, served at Taj Indian sweets and restaurants, Australia  which is a perfect mix of flavours mixed with gram flour and cooked to perfection. This dal when we serve at Taj Indian sweets and restaurant, Australia was cooked slowly, for hours, on charcoal. This gave it a creamier texture. It is a Punjabi mixed lentil masala that is made with lots of butter or cream. This Missi roti with dal in Australia tastes even better the following day after reheating properly.

We at Taj Indian sweets and Restaurant, Harris park, love to serve great food, lots of different food, just like you!!
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Quality, Best Missi roti and dal in Australia !!

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  • Appearance
  • Quick post meal service
  • Punctuality and best appearance
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