Dahi Samosa Chaat


Our Dahi Samosa Chaat is a fusion of crispy samosas, creamy yogurt, and tangy chutneys. A chaat sensation that promises a burst of flavors in every bite.

Dahi Samosa Chaat is a dish that brings together the best of Indian street food flavors. At Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant, we’ve crafted this chaat to offer a dining experience that’s both tangy and crunchy.

Featuring crispy samosas as the base, our Dahi Samosa Chaat is topped with creamy yogurt, tangy tamarind chutney, spicy green chutney, and a sprinkle of spices. The result is a dish that’s multi-dimensional in taste and texture, offering a delightful contrast of flavors and crunch.

Order your serving of Dahi Samosa Chaat now from our Harris Park, NSW location and savor the authentic flavors of Indian street food with Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant.