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  • Onion Rava Masala dosa in Harris park are a typical South Indian food that consist of batter made from fermented rice and lentils, along with sides such as sambar (a tangy lentil soup with vegetables) and various kinds of chutney (coconut, tomato, tamarind, mint). When it comes to Dosas, think no further than Taj Indian Sweets and restaurant, Harris park. We feel pride to be called as Best Indian Restaurant in Australia, when it comes to bringing authentic South Indian food culture to Australia.  

  • Basmati Rice is a type of a long-grained rice that grows from the foothills of the Himalayas and is traditionally cooked in Indian and other South Asian cuisines. Basmati rice in Harris Park at Taj Indian sweets and restaurant, Sydney, Australia is sometimes served plain but is often flavored with turmeric or saffron, both of which impart a characteristic yellow hue.

  • Roti is a flatbread, originated in India, and is made with ground wholewheat flour. It is a staple in most parts of India and consumed in many other countries. It is made traditionally on a tawa and on direct flames, and is a lighter bread. Roti / Naan at Taj indian Restaurant, Sydney, Australia is one of the most demanding and tempting dishes from Punjabi Cuisine.
    Enjoy different bread like Naan, roti or chapati which we prepare almost every day it is surely going to make everyone happy.

Showing all 4 results

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Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant
91 Wigram Street,
Harris Park NSW 2150,

E-mail: info@tajindianrestaurant.com.au
Phone: (02) 9633 2118

About Taj Indian Restaurant

Taj does not believe in having the name only (Taj means the crown) but the name symbolizes the way we do our business. We have been following the vast and ancient vegetarian traditions of India.


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