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  • North Indian Thali is the Indian name for around platter used to serve food. Thali is also known to be an Indian-style meal made up of a variety of many dishes which are served on a single platter. We offer at Taj Indian sweets and Restaurant, Harris Park is a composite and wholesome meal which is basically a combinations of various delicious dishes served on a single plate.

  • A South Indian Thali which is made up of a selection of various South Indian dishes like dosa, uttapam, idli, rasam etc. From all of the traditional treats in India, a platter or a thali makes for the perfect amalgamation of delicious regional dishes on a single platter. A South Indian Thali in Harris park,  is made up of a selection of various South cuisines and is offered as a very tempting platter at Taj Indian sweets and restaurant.

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