Indian Wedding Catering in Sydney

Indian Wedding Catering in Sydney is one of the biggest business boomers for Indian Restaurants today. Because of Sydney’s dense Indian population and for other populations showing an increased demand for Indian food at their weddings, it is no wonder Indian Wedding Catering in Sydney has become far removed from just a few Indian hot plate meals served at home garden parties.

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Indian Wedding Catering in Sydney is always carried out in close consideration of the requirements of each dish’s storage conditions and at what temperature it should be served at to preserve its flavours and aromas for the entire duration of the event. Wedding dishes, in particular, are carefully selected to compliment each other’s tastes and to ensure they do not clash in terms of having two dishes that are too similar in taste or too spicy and having too many dry or wet dishes in one selection. This is absolutely crucial to ensure guests enjoy the food and come back for second or third serves.

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A lot of time, consideration, and planning is put forth towards Indian Wedding Catering in Sydney. Indian restaurants are sure to prioritise that both the financial and logistical are met from both the bride and groom’s side of the family, and so several meetings are conducted before the event to ensure gaps in communication don’t compromise on the quality of the food and the hospitality, so family members can enjoy the event with their loved ones in an organised stress free environment.

At Taj Indian Restuarant meticulously selected team of chefs, floor managers, accountants, and hospitality staff all come together to cultivate a catering experience specifically tailored to your event’s needs no matter how big or small the scale of the wedding may be. It is guaranteed that the standard Indian Wedding Catering in Sydney not only upholds but exceeds expectations of each guest and is continually thriving on excellence in hospitality.

  • India’s one of the loved street food is Aloo Tikki that is served with a spicy curry and various chutneys. It is also known as “Ragda pattice” and is sold on the various chaat stalls throughout the country. Check out our Authentic taste of Aloo Tikki Chaat in Harris Park, which is made with mashed potato patties mixed with coriander, onion and spices, deep-fried in oil.

  • Taj’s special samosas are now available for purchase.

    Samosas are one of the most common Indian snack found in every occasion at Indian homes, it is made with all-purpose flour which is known as maida then stuffed with a mixture of mashed boiled potato,green peas, lentils, onions, spices and green chili. Enjoy our samosas in Australia that are deep-fried in vegetable oil or real ghee to a golden brown color.


  • Bhel Puri is an Indian dish of puffed rice, onions, spices, and hot chutney. ‘Though many parts of India have their own versions of puffed rice mixture, the most known being the bhelpuri, in south Indian it is called murri mixture where puffed rice forms the base of the mixture.

  • Chana also known as chickpea is one of the oldest pulse or legume known to mankind. The main ingredient is a variety of chickpea called chana meaning black chana. Chana refill in Harris park, that we offer at Indian restaurant in Sydney, Australia are twice the diameter of typical chickpeas with a stronger flavour and firmer texture even after being cooked. It’s bursting with taste, a stronger flavour and firmer texture even after being cooked.

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