Indian Street Food

Indian Street food in Australia

Indian street food has come far from the busy hustle and bustle of Mumbai and Delhi and has now delved straight into the urban streets of Melbourne and Sydney, adding a youthful edge to its traditional outlook on the Indian dining experience. Many like to refer to Indian Street food as Indian fast food because of how easy and quick the preparation process is.

Most Indian Street food is either fried, grilled, or sautéed, as these cooking methods are the fastest methods to ensure food is sterile enough to consume and while remaining true to its traditional taste palette. ‘Vada Pav’ for instance, is Mumbai’s version of a veggie burger and consists of a fried potato patty garnished with spicy sauces and sandwich between two lightly toasted bread buns. It is commonly known as Mumbai’s staple street food so much that what hot dogs are to New Yorkers, Vada Pav is to Mumbaikers.

Furthermore, Indo Chinese dishes constitute a huge part of Indian Street Food such as ‘Chilli Honey Potato’ which consists of short straw cut potato fries tossed in honey and chill sauce, often garnished with sesame seeds. The most popular Indochinese street food that is seen most popular on the streets of Delhi are ‘momos’ and ‘Haka Noodles’.

Momos are Chinese dumplings filled with a spicy filling that can either be meat or vegetables and come in fried or boiled varieties. They are prepared in no more than five minutes and go well with chilli sauce and soft drinks that vibe well with India’s street culture. ‘Haka noodles’ are thin Chinese noodles sautéed in Indian spices and sauces similar to the sauté of Manchurian. People often prefer to have ‘Haka Noodles and Manchurian’ together rather than separately, like most other Indian Street Food.

Indian Street Food is the most rapidly expanding sector of Indian dining because f how easily it can be mixed and matched and fused with other cultures to give rise to new dishes. It is because of its flexibility, quick preparation, and diverse taste palette which gives it the allure it has today.

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