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Diwali sweets In Sydney

Diwali Sweets In Sydney, Australia

As Diwali sweets in Sydney, Australia is around the corner, People relentlessly wait for this big Indian festival and its celebration is truly incomplete without gifts and sweets. Yes sweets…You heard it right, As the name tells sweets are a must for any celebration or occasion be it our favourite one ‘Diwali’. Diwali Sweets in Sydney offered at Taj Indian sweets and Restaurant, Australia scatter happiness and offer pleasure of having fun and enjoying your precious moments.

A mixed blend of Indian ingredients to enhance your taste buds by activating the sense of sweetness in your life is what Diwali Sweets in Sydney has to offer. We here at Taj Indian Sweets and Restaurant, Harris Park welcome you to the your own culture of sweets revolution. Now you can get all your sweets packed and ready at your doorstep delivery by ordering the best chosen Delicious Diwali sweets in Sydney by you.

Celebrations start here at Best Indian sweets in Sydney where you get a huge variety of sweets for yourselves.  From traditional Indian sweets to proper new fusion sweets; all of these have been enriched in our culture of Diwali Sweets in Sydney. We greet and welcome you aboard with us to your journey to Taj Indian sweets and restaurant, Australia. Indian sweets shows our traditional culture with that defining the positive vibes along with happiness by enriching it with sugary stuff where you get the taste of your happiness.

Taj Indian Sweets

Taj Indian sweets and restaurant, Australia,we are a leading Indian Sweet Shop in Sydney committed to deliver Best quality delicious Indian sweets in Australia

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  • Almond barfi is a popular Indian sweet made with the goodness of almonds, it is a delectable sweet to relish during the festive season of Diwali or other special occasions. Taj Indian Sweets and Restaurant in Sydney, Australia is approved as one of the most reliable Manufacturers of Almond Barfi in Harris park and other sweets.

  • Price on per Kg basis.

    Balu shahi is considered as the Indian Donut which is soft, flaky deep-fried pastries dunked in a sticky cardamom and rose flavored syrup. The festival of lights “Diwali” is around the corner let us celebrate it with your favourite Indian sweets Balu Shahi in Harris Park, Sydney, Australia at Taj Indian sweets and Restaurant .

  • Price on per Kg basis.

    Bengal offers a rich variety of delicacies for every Indian sweets. The sweet tooth of Bengalis is famous, as well as the variety of bengali sweets and desserts available in Taj Indian sweets and Restaurant Sydney, Australia is astounding. While some of those typical Pure Indian sweets like Bengali Sweets in Harris Park, Australia, items have now found their way to the rest of the country for the special occasion of Diwali which is on the cards these days.

  • Price on per Kg basis.

    Besan Burfi which is often called “Indian cheesecake”, though it contains no cheese and is considered one of the super exotic Indian delicacies. This dessert is most happening for most of the Indian festivals like Diwali. As It is Diwali season, let us dive into a whole new world of tempting sweets to relish on Diwali festival at your own Taj Indian Sweets and Restaurant in Harris Park, Australia serving people and bringing the flavors of India right here in Australia. Come and feel the difference

  • Besan laddu is loved Indian sweet dish that is made up of chickpea flour or gram flour, sugar and ghee. Best Besan Laddu in Harris park is available at Taj indian sweets and restaurant, Australia, that we carefully roast in ghee till golden brown appearance offering you best of flavours and also a nutty fragrance. It is one of the most popular mithai in Indian cuisine. It might be known by various names, and these delicious laddus in Australia, spiced with cardamom are often in demand during festive occasions.

  • Gulab Jamun is among India’s most popular desserts during a festival or major celebrations. It gets its name from two words: Gulab which means rose and Jamun which is a kind of deep purple colored berry. Traditionally Bharwa Gulab jamun in Harris park at Taj Indian sweets and restaurant, Sydney, Australia is prepared using khoya. They are then tempered with light sugar syrup flavored with green cardamom and rose water.

  • Price on per Kg basis.

    Bikaner Barfi at Taj Indian sweets and restaurant in Australia is made from quality ingredients like khoya and sugar which is an all time favourite of many families for its refreshing taste. If the goodness of melt-in-mouth sweets is what you are looking for this Diwali then our Pure Indian Sweets at Taj Indian sweets and Restaurant in Harris Park, Australia is the pick out of the lot!

  • Price on per Kg basis.

    Taj Indian Sweets and Restaurant in Harris Park, Australia, brings to you the Finest Boondi Laddoo. This laddoo is made with the minute pieces of boondi that are drops of gram flour batter, which are deeply fried and then dipped in sugar syrup.

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