Best Vegetarian Food In Sydney That you Should try

If you are craving some delicious and best vegetarian food in Sydney, you must check out dishes from Taj Indian Sweets and Restaurant. It is a 100% vegetarian restaurant. Indian vegetarian food has high nutritional value and comes with lots of health benefits. Contrary to the popular notion, Indian vegetarian food has a lot of […]


5 Best Tips To Find The Best Indian Restaurant In Sydney

To have the delicacy of Indian dishes, finding the best Indian restaurant in Sydney is extremely important as it is all about spices and authentic preparations. The delicacy of Indian dishes further has flavors and colors to offer everyone, and the most important is its aroma which isn’t possible to get anywhere else. “The traditional […]


Live Catering in Sydney

At Taj Indian Restaurant we have redefined live catering in Sydney, a uniquely modern and cultural facet infused into an unforgettable dining experience. Specialised buffet station with high thermal insulating capacities is used to serve and keep food at its ideal temperature. This is done for certain foods that cannot be made on the spot […]