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Terms & Conditions – Taj Indian Restaurant

Last revised: 5 October, 2023

Introduction: Win Win Recruiters Pty Ltd operates under the name Taj Indian Restaurant. The terms of use agreement outlines the conditions for using the website and the services provided by Taj Indian Restaurant. By accessing the website or using the services, users agree to these terms.

Key Points:

  1. The Taj Indian Restaurant Services might have separate third-party terms of service and fees, including mobile network operator fees.
  2. The services are provided “as is” without any warranties, and the liability of Taj Indian Restaurant is limited.
  3. Users might receive text messages or notifications from Taj Indian Restaurant.
  4. Minors (generally under 18) need parental or guardian permission to use the website and services. Those under 13 are not permitted to register.
  5. The website is owned and operated by Taj Indian Restaurant and is hosted in Australia.
  6. Taj Indian Restaurant can modify or discontinue the services at any time.
  7. Errors, inaccuracies, or omissions related to service descriptions, pricing, and availability may be corrected by Taj Indian Restaurant without prior notice.

Ordering and Payment: Users can place orders through the Taj Indian Restaurant Services and will be provided with various payment options.

Refund Policy: Taj Indian Restaurant prioritizes customer satisfaction. If there are issues with an order, customers should contact Taj Indian Restaurant for assistance. Refunds, either full or partial, may be issued if billed by Taj Indian Restaurant.

User Representations: Users must provide accurate registration information, keep their passwords confidential, and ensure their use of the website and services does not violate any laws.

Feedback and Submissions: Feedback, comments, and other submissions are non-confidential, and Taj Indian Restaurant can use them without compensation.

Prohibited Activities: The website and services are for personal, non-commercial use. Users are prohibited from engaging in activities like fraud, spamming, unauthorized framing, using the website for commercial purposes, and more.

Disputes: Any disputes related to the terms will be resolved by binding arbitration in favor of Taj Indian Restaurant.

Disclaimers: Taj Indian Restaurant does not endorse any third-party content or services. The website and services are provided without warranties.

Limitations of Liability: Taj Indian Restaurant’s liability is limited to the amount paid by the user for services in the past month.

Indemnity: Users agree to defend and indemnify Taj Indian Restaurant against any claims or demands arising from their use of the website and services.

Intellectual Property Rights: All content on the website, including trademarks and logos, is the property of or licensed to Taj Indian Restaurant.

Third-Party Websites and Content: Taj Indian Restaurant is not responsible for third-party websites or content accessed through the website.

Term and Termination: These terms remain in effect while using the website and services. Taj Indian Restaurant can deny access or terminate use at any time.

Site Management: Taj Indian Restaurant can monitor the website for violations, take legal action against violators, and manage the website to protect its rights.

Contact: For complaints or further information, users can contact Taj Indian Restaurant at info@tajindianrestaurant.com.au